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T-Shirt/Pin Design Competition

Each year, TSA conceptualizes a new T-Shirt design to match our state conference's theme. This year's theme is "Embrace the Eclipse: A New Phase of Technology". The winning design will be utilized for the Indiana TSA T-shirt and lapel pin.

RULES (entries must):

  • Be colored (no black & white drawings)

  • Include the phrase "Embrace the Eclipse: A New Phase of Technology”

  • Relate to the overall theme

  • Be large enough to fill a 12" x 12" minimum

  • Simplistic Enough for a Lapel Pin Design (or include a separate pin design)

  • Include the TSA logo

  • Be drawn via computer/digital art (saved as png or pdf)

    • Canva is allowed.​

  • Must be Appropriate (no hidden messages)

  • Minimal Colors Utilized (the more colors used the more the shirt will cost) this is considered when deciding on the winning design.

Additional Info:

  • Base color of the shirt will be gray, black, or navy blue.

  • The back will list sponsors, so the design is strictly for the front of the T-Shirt.

  • Only one entry is permitted per participant.

  • Submit by November 26th @ 11:59pm

  • Email with your submission!

Screenshot 2023-08-26 083211.png

Winning Designer receives free State Conference registration!

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