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2023 State Conference

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General Information & Theme Advisors Guide 

  • 2023 State Conference @ Purdue University, West Lafayette

    • February or March (Dates: TBD)

  • Advisors Guide for all info in one place: Check Back Later!

  • Thanks to Hoosier Pattern! The 1st place winner of the Chapter Champion Award will win $500!

  • TBA

  • Usually $45 (Includes all conference materials except for items that are required to be built prior to attending conference, t-shirt, social events, leadership lessons, and dinner on arrival night).

    • ​Early registration ends TBA

    • Late registration ends on TBA 5$ extra per person.

    • No registrations will be allowed after late registration ends.

    • No refunds will be processed, except in the event of extreme circumstances.

  • To register you will need the following information:

    • Name of Participant​

    • Events each student is participating in.

    • If there are multiple teams, know who is on which team.

    • Grade

    • T-shirt Size

    • For Team events a captain needs to be identified.

    • EMAIL - Email must be able to accept messages from outside organizations.

  • You will also need to designate two members to be the voting delegate for your chapter to vote on state officers.

Awards & Scoring
  • Thanks to Hoosier Pattern! The 1st place winner of the Chapter Champion Award will win $500!

  • Scoring will work as follows: 

    • 1st Place in  an event = 5 Pts

    • 2nd Place in an event = 4 Pts

    • 3rd Place in an event = 3 Pts

    • 4th Place in an event = 2 Pts

    • 5th Place in an event = 1 Pt

  • Students and chapters can also gain points by completing certain things (scavenger hunts, campus tours, attending a leadership session, or breakout, talking to sponsor booths, etc.

  • The total is added for each school and then the school with the most points wins. So it is in your chapters best interest to compete in as many events as possible and to excel in the events they are in. Encourage your kids to compete in any static event, as well as several others. Also a good reason for kids to make sure they don't get disqualified. Student's can compete in a maximum of 6 events.

Volunteer to Judge

  • We are seeking volunteers to lead events, assist with the conference and serve as judges. 

  • Link will be posted later.